Kickin’ it late-nineties style

Back in the day, before blogging was synonymous with online journaling, blogs were called “weblogs” wherein internet surfers posted a record of interesting websites they’d seen–logging the web, as it were. Jorn Barger, I salute you.

As part of my ongoing Fat Acceptance re-education camp, I have begun to add blogs from the Fat-o-sphere to my feed reader (I use google) starting with the excellent and insightful Shapely Prose. Make sure you read the comment threads. They’ve got an excellent commentariat over there. (I love that word. I wonder if Kate coined it or if she picked it up from somewhere else.)

Last night, I added The Rotund to my feed. Hello?! Why haven’t I been reading this blog?! Well, to start, I’ve been wallowing around with WW and body hatred for the last two years. Marianne is hilarious.

Finally (for now), I’ve added the shared feed Notes From the Fat-O-Sphere to my feed reader.

Check them out!