The Beginning of the End

I think I started becoming disillusioned with the WW program this year when they switched from the Flex/Core plans to the “new” and “improved” Momentum plan. I really connected with the Core plan. The focus on eating healthfully rather than calorie restriction just made so much sense, and that’s how I worked the program. But when I fell off plan and started gaining, around the same time that they “took the best of Flex and the best of Core and created the Momentum plan”, I just could not get back into it. What I really needed was less of a focus on weighing in and more of—well, therapy I guess.

I fell “off plan” because I was going through a period of depression. My kid’s eczema had been flaring up for a while and I was feeling very stressed about it. Then he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and sensitivities. A once-cherished friendship was slowly withering and dying, and came to a complete and  shuddering end in March. I was diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance. I had been eating for emotional reasons and the fact of the matter is that having to weigh in each week and face either the receptionist or the Leader (with whom I had bonded over knitting and had become quite fond of) wasn’t really what I needed. It only made things worse. What I needed was some therapy, or something like it, and to not have added anxiety over my eating and weight gain. Sadly WW meetings are not really set up for that kind of support. The focus of WW meetings is to provide support in relation to staying “on plan”. It’s why I wanted to do this blog—so that MoonFae and I could have a space to support each other the way we are supported at the meetings. But, honestly, we need support in other ways too.