Because Snark on FB would be rude.

A woman I was friends with in HS (sophomore year) and with whom I am friended on FB is in the process of losing weight. Her status updates often involve how much she has worked out at the gym–how much swimming, elliptical–or that she is going to the gym or some such. (And bully good for her.) Today her status is that she has hit a plateau in her weight loss and do we have any suggestions. There are so many reasons that I am not the right person to reply to this right now. (Perhaps your body is tired of being starved, dear? Maybe if you stopped worrying about what the number on the scale is?) I just can’t bring myself to do it. I know she’s trying SO hard and really just would not be receptive to anything having to do with FA. Also, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this blog, so I’m just going to leave my snark reply here.

Perhaps you ate too many baby carrots this week.

That is all.