Fantasy Drive Thru

Because I can’t be the only lazy busy gluten-free mom whose got a kid with severe food allergies.

Fantasy DriveThru Menu:

  • steamed and seasoned brown or white rice with seasonal veggies (also steamed)
  • a portion of baked chicken or a boiled egg (or two)
  • seasonal fruit
  • water, tea, or coffee (and espresso drinks)

Is that really so unattainable? It could be like one of those drive-up Dunkin’ Donuts shacks, only with food I can eat and that I can feed my allergic child. We could even do the rice like onigiri balls to make it easy to eat while driving. Now if there would be a way to keep the price of each meal around $5, I’d be the Ray Kroc of healthy food. Any venture capitalists out there?