Im so disappointed

I turned on the tv a few minutes ago to watch my favorite reality show: What Not To Wear. Normally, Stacy and Clinton are pretty good about body positivity in that they strongly emphasize that every body, no matter its shape or size, is beautiful. They do a great service to many women’s self esteem.

One of their favorite mantras is “Dress the body you have, not the one you wish you had.” Normally a positive outlook, tonight has become something I think is potentially dangerous and self-defeating to this woman.

She has recently lost 60 pounds, and continues to wear the baggy, shapeless sacks she is used to. So, S&C come in and empty her closet of unacceptable, illfitting garments–her fat clothes–and give her $5,000 worth of high-quality, well-fitting clothes that fit her body AS IT IS NOW, post-diet.

And I think to myself, what a disappointing waste. The sad truth is, that woman is most likely going to regain all her weight and then some, within the next couple of years. Those expensive, beautiful garments she loves and feels sexy in, the first time she feels beautiful in ages, will no longer fit, and instead will just emphasize her FAILURE to stay thin. Those clothes will be no good to her then. Those clothes are gonna end up breaking her heart. And I think it is a very sad and disappointing thing for What Not to Wear to perpetuate the diet myth by rewarding weight loss with $5000 worth of clothes that wont last a year.