More Shrill Cognitive Dissonance from the Media

(Hat-tip to Bianca of Two Zaftig Chicks for the link)

Big news, y’all! Apparently, exercize wont make you thin. It will just make you hungry. (Interestingly, not so hungry that you eat ten times the calories you just worked off, but just hungry enough to eat the same amount of calories you just burned. Food for thought?)

So diets don’t work! Exercize doesn’t work either! In fact, nothing you do will make your body shed those extra fat cells once and for all! But you shouldnt stop trying! Its for your “health”, y’all! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! But what can we do, since diet and exercize just wont work? Only one solution, fatty! Don’t exercize, since it will just make you hungry! Don’t eat, since it will just make you OBESE! Just curl up in a fetal ball in the corner and DIE. Yeah, because the fatz is evul and you’re a disgusting blob of EVUL!