Excuse me, your Privilege is showing

I’ll be honest. I am not a Feminist. Nor am I here, on the Fatosphere feed, to talk about intersectionality. I am here because I have spent the better part of my adult life hating my body and I finally realized that I didn’t want to get to the end of my life still disgusted by it, still despising it, still resenting the shrine in which my soul resided while on this earth. I get that a major part of Fat Acceptance is at least as much (maybe more) about accepting the fat bodies of Others as it is about accepting my own fat body. For some strange reason I thought “acceptance” was about tolerance and compassion–tolerance OF and compassion FOR the diversity of experiences of other people. Is having a PhD in intersectionality really the only way to even have a discussion about this? I do hope I am wrong about that. Because right now? The Fatosphere does not seem to be a friendly place for those of us who are still learning.