weight refused!!!

Today I had an uncomfortable and humiliating test done to help diagnosis an issue I’ve had with my -2 bladder of random leakiness. It has been a lot better since going off the gluten, but I do still occasionally experience a bit of a drip that doesn’t seem to be tied to activity or strain or whatever. It’s just completely random. I’ve been into my gyno’s office about four times in the last two months. Every single time the nurse would ask me to get on the scale so we can “get a current weight” and I would smile and cheerfully say, “oh no thank you! I don’t weigh myself any more.” And every time (until today) the nurse would just sort of shrug “whatever”. But today, the nurse gave me a funny sort of look, and, as I watched her enter my info into the computer, she goes to the add note tab and types — “weight refused!!!”

Really? THREE exclamation points?

“weight refused!!!”

Personally I would have gone with the all caps version:


Besides, I am well aware that I am fat. The fucking commode in their testing room was too small for my ass.