Boycotting Torrid

I am a big girl, and I have big ol’ calves, right? So you know that means finding boots is nearly impossible. My feet are medium 7 and my calves are 18″. I was so DELIGHTED that Torrid sells boots that fit both my feet and calves. And when my folks gave me Christmas money, I decided I wanted to spend some of it on a pair of black Britney boots from Torrid. The store in the mall didn’t have them in stock, so I went ahead and ordered them online.

Yesterday evening, I got an email to call to confirm, for security reasons, my ownership of the card I used to place my order.

Now, first off, I hate making phone calls. As a deaf person, its an incredible hassle. I have to use a third-party system called a relay service, and more often than not, its a negative experience. I’ve had people think it was a solication and hung up on me, I’ve had people lose patience with the process, I’ve had system failure and lost connections. The thing is every time I make a phone call through relay, it is always to a company or utility or agency, and it sometimes takes 3 tries to get a live person to respond to the phone so I can get actual business done.

Like I said, making phone calls is not a pleasant experience. It is always, invariably stressful.

Anyway, I digress.

I got an email from telling me to call to confirm my order. Immediately my blood pressure starts rising.

It only got worse. Here’s why:

Here is the transcript of the call I just had with them through the relay service.

Text in bold is the rep. Text in Italics is me.

866 867 7431
thank you for calling
(message in different language)
(recording to relay)
to speak with a representative regarding a new or existing order please press 1 for(pressing 1)
(music playing)

(F) one moment i really could not hear you clearly hello qq can you hear me clearly qq

Hello yes, my name is rachel I’m calling to process my new order my order number is ############

so you would like us to place a new order using relay? one moment one moment please…


i was yeah i can see here that this order was connected for a verbal confirmation from the credit card holder but uhm since this order was verification so we need to speak to the card holder about this order and since we need to speak with the credit card holder we could not do verbal through ip through relay the customer needs xxx you need to call us she may need to call us so she can verbally confirm the order over the phone

Um hello I am DEAF. This IS my verbal confirmation. I AM the card holder

yes i do understand that ma’am but we need to speak to you directly we need you need to give us a call by yourself so you can verbally confirm the order

That is not possible because I am DEAF and cannot HEAR you.

one moment please
okay uhm the last option that we have is you may need to to call us the one the bank who issued your card for this order so they can confirm that we have the same information on the order based on your credit card information

Ok…how bout this. Can I have my friend call with me, and she help me hear your instructiuons and I speak into the phone?

i apologize but uhm we could not do that it’s either you may need to speak uhm you may need to speak to us directly about the order or the bank will call us to verify if we have the same information on the order based on your credit card information

I see. Well that’s just too much trouble you guys really need to rewrite your discriminatory policy regarding deaf people. Please cancel my order immediately. I do not want to give you my money.And please send a cancellation confirmation to my email.

i really do apologize for that one ma’am as request i’ll go aheadand cancel the order since the order didn’t check you are not charged for the order is there anything else?

No absolutely not. Thank you for help, I understand you are not to blame but I do hope you will report my extreme dissatistaction to your management. This IS discriminatory.

i do apologize ma’am that we could not really do verbal confirmation through relay the reason why we re doing verbal confirmation on an order with the card holder is to make sure that you will not be charged for fraudulent charges on your account rest assured ma’am i ll go ahead and forward your concern to my supervisor yes i do apologize ma’am but since you could not do verbal confirmation you may need to contact last option that we have

I understand, but you need to give deaf people useable options. This is not. Perhaps I will, but due to your policy I am not willing to give you money. Thank you. Have a good day.

thank you for calling have a great day

I’m sure.


This phone call left me pissing, hopping mad. I probably could call my bank, but I honestly don’t want to. Not just because its a major hassle, but because I shouldn’t have to. Torrid really does need to create an anti-fraud procedure that accomodates the limitations of deaf and speech-impaired customers. And because they don’t, or won’t, I refuse to give them money.

Even if they are the only damn place where I can find some goddamned boots that fit me!