Holiday Blog Post Exchange: Meat Pie! It’s What’s for Christmas!

Many thanks to my Secret Santa, NoCelery, for this very excellent post about her Family’s Christmas tradition. Also, many thanks to Atchka!– for the great idea of having an exchange in the first place.

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Meat Pie!  It’s What’s for Christmas!

So I agonized a while about what kind of post to post for this nifty Christmas Blog Exchange.  Should I talk about FA?  Should I talk about my experiences in the world as a fat then not-fat person?  Should I pen a huge apology for the tummy tuck I just had that I sill feel guilty over because a tummy tuck is totally NOT about accepting myself as I am, and yet, strangely, is the last step for me on this journey to real self acceptance?

Then I decided… To heck with all this angst and drama!  It’s Christmas!  What’s the most important thing I could possibly share with the blog world?


This is a Christmas tradition in my family.  It is, hands down (for me), the BEST thing about Christmas.  Keep your presents.  Keep your “Joy to the World”. Keep your turkeys and mashed potatoes and Christmas cookies.  For me?  Christmas is all about meat pie for breakfast on Christmas morning!

My mom makes meat pies every Christmas. Her mom made them, and I assume it goes back in the ancestry from there.

She starts about a week out from Christmas and makes 15 to 20 of these tasty little guys and freezes them.  We are ABSOLUTELY forbidden to touch them before Christmas morning.  But as soon as we are awake enough on Christmas morning to feel like breakfast might be a good idea, these start coming out and warming gently in the oven.

It takes the whole family about 3 to 4 days to go through the stack of pies.

We eat the pie for breakfast.  Then usually a little more pie after all the present opening is done.  Then, you know, it’s lunch time… and why NOT have another piece of pie?  And doesn’t a mid afternoon snack sound like a good idea?  Maybe just a smidge more pie?

And, yeah, OK, Christmas dinner is Christmas dinner, so no pie for that… but the next day?  Pie fest begins again.  Lather, rinse, repeat until all the pies are gone!

The pies are made of ground beef (although my sister mixes ground pork into hers, and mom sometimes will mix in a little ground turkey too) cooked / stirred in a large pot with breadcrumbs and spices and water to, um, I don’t know the cooking term, but to “liquid it up”, until it is the consistency of a very thick pudding.  Then put into pie shells and baked.  Think a GIANT empanada… or maybe meatloaf in a pie crust as long as your idea of meatloaf doesn’t involve tomatoes.

I like to take a slice of pie, melt some cheese on top of it, then put a fried egg on top and serve with ketchup.  The cheese and eggs are a more recednt development of adulthood… as a kid, it was just pie and ketchup.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now… I do not cook… so while I probably could cobble one of these things together, I don’t.  I just wait each year for Christmas morning to roll around and then – PIE!  Yeah Baby!

This picture is of a piece my hubby had one Christmas morning… he likes mustard on his too.  You can’t really see the pie part for the egg… but I don’t really have any other pictures because he’s the only one with a penchant for taking pictures of his food.

Seriously – does Christmas get any better than this?  I think not.