Here’s the thing.

I did not join the Fatosphere feed to get readers for my writing. While I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t fun watching the blog stats creep up whenever I do a blog post, that isn’t the reason I’m blogging here. I joined the feed because what I was doing before that wasn’t working any more. After two years of WW, as well as the constant struggle with binge eating disorder and a lifetime of hating my body, I needed a new perspective, something different from the prevailing attitude that obesity=doom, fat=unhealthy, unhealthy=bad.

Whether or not fat is unhealthy is completely and utterly irrelevant. I realize that there are opposing view points to the ideology of the Fatosphere; I haven’t been living in a cave. I am not in the Fatosphere to explore those opposing the viewpoints, and neither is Fatosphere here to serve that end. I’m here for the support of a community that is as tired as I am of the obesitydoom message that is so prevalent, SO LOUD in our culture and to learn a way of thinking that works better for me than OMGIMSOFUCKINGFATIMGONNADIEIDONTDESERVETOBELOVEDIHATEMYSELF!!

While I respect the needs of others to find their own voices, to flex their writing muscles, the Fatosphere news feed is not meant to be a debate club. Would you walk into an AA meeting and start a discussion about whether there is any truth or merit to scientific studies which show moderate drinking has health benefits? There’s a reason that the Fatosphere is not inclusive of all ideas. If inclusiveness is what you want, then by all means start your own news feed and call it the “Is there any truth at all to the notion that fat is unhealthy?” feed or the “I’m so awesome, but I’m fat so I want to lose weight” feed, or the “All Inclusive Free Speech Fat Acceptance” feed, but leave me out of it.

Which reminds me, I think the Fatosphere needs to be more inclusive of knitting and fiber related content. To that end, I will be importing my entire knitting blog and doing more posts about my knitting. FUF if you don’t like it!! Please read the Fat Sisters’ comment policy before commenting.