In Defense of MeMe

This is not to say that I agree with her in any way shape or form, nor is it to say that I don’t think she is a vile, contemptible, fat hating charlatan who has no place in the public eye. However, the numerous armchair diagnoses of ED, miss the point all together. SO WHAT if MeMe claims to eat 1300 cals/day (1800 if she works out that day, yay!). Instead of retorting with “OMG UR ANOREXIC!”,  the response could be something like:  “Big WHOOP, MeMe, that’s what works for YOU. It doesn’t work FOR ME. I know because I’ve tried it. Nor am I (or anyone else) morally obligated to live such a life simply because YOU DO.”

The whole point of the Fat Acceptance movement is that WE SHOULD NOT BE OBSESSING OVER THE EATING HABITS OF OTHER PEOPLE. That is what MeMe and the “war on obesity” does. The fact is that people come in all shapes and sizes (and colors and sexualities and genders, and mental health states) and people like MeMe Roth need to STFU about their eating habits because it’s completely irrelevant to the discussion.

Thanks to Charlotte at Obesity Timebomb for the linkage. :-)