Not dead!

…despite appearances to the contrary. Some unbloggable issues have cropped up and since I can’t be more specific, I will just leave it at that. Other stuff (in no particular order):

1. I got a haircut. So did Rachel. I changed my gravatar. She did not. (Leave a comment to pester her about this.)

2. I was briefly addicted to the hummingbird web cam. Luckily neither of the eggs hatched so I was able to break my addiction quite easily.

3. I have thus far been able to resist the charms of the owlbox cam, although owlets are extremely cute.

4. Daylight Saving Time nearly did me in.

5. So did that stomach bug that went around.

6. Stuff I am mulling over for future posts:

  • how researching Insulin Resistance was extremely triggering for me
  • how I came to an agreement with my elliptical trainer
  • how I reconcile Intuitive Eating with my Gluten Intolerance
  • how “dieting” is just another way of saying “eating disorder”

7. I have two acupressure pellets in my ear.

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