OBESITYDOOM, Kitteh Edition

Even the cats aren’t safe from the OBESITYDOOM panic. I’m so furious with my vet right now. We’ve been going to her for years and years, and she’s always been wonderful. She has such a gentle hand and is very sweet and smart and kind. A great vet. But today, I am pissed. Both cats’ weight was up since their check ups last year, so of course we had to have the OBESITYDOOM lecture. She told me that I was going to have to start giving them insulin if I didn’t stop feeding them so much. And then she didn’t believe me when I told her how much I actually am feeding them.

Here’s the thing. Doozer appears to be part Maine Coon. MC cats don’t reach their full size until after their third year. Doozer is three this year. He’s gained 3 pounds in two years (13 lbs all together!) and he doesn’t even look plump. Yes, he does have the little pocket of belly fat which is typical of neutered males, but he is no where near obese.

And Lolly? Well, she is another story. She’s quite solidly packed on a teeny frame. But honestly? She doesn’t eat any more than Doozer does (in fact she eats considerably less), and I am quite aware that some female cats, when spayed, become quite, well, ROUND is really the only word for it. Honestly, I’m not worried about her. She and Doozer get plenty of exercise running around the house and up and down the stairs and wrestling until the break of dawn. So yeah.

And my vet’s advice? “Take some food away and see if one or both of them loses weight. If they don’t then maybe they are just good retainers.” WTF?