The More Things Change

The other day, I decided to go through some old photos and scan a few to put up on Facebook.


As I was choosing the photos I noticed a few things.

AVC Marching Mauraders Parade Practice

First, I didn’t have that “OMG, I was so fat/thin!” reaction. I just look like myself.


This isn’t to say that I didn’t notice if I was fatter in one picture than in another. I just didn’t have an emotional attachment to my apparent or perceived weight in the photos.


It was just me.


Secondly, I noticed that even though I went through times when I was smaller or bigger, my body shape stayed pretty much the same, even from the time I was very young.


I never realized that. I spent so much of my life feeling like a huge giant whale–that my body was the wrong body. But the reality is my body is nothing more than it is.


And that is actually pretty cool.