Dusting away some cobwebs.

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O HAI! I wrote this post more than a year ago, and for some reason never hit publish. I don’t know why. Anyway, I came by to brush some cobwebs away and figured I may as well post this thing. Enjoy!


I belong to this great meet-up group for homeschooling families in my area and a couple of weeks ago I was at this event with a couple of other moms from the group. One of the moms (I’ll call her Kay) is a really fabulous lady who also happens to be very petite. Kay always wears her 3-month old baby in a sling wherever she goes. This baby is ginormo-baby. If this baby lived in Grand Junction, CO, he would totally be denied health insurance. Seriously he is un bébé énorme, so Kay appears even tinier by comparison. Anyway, we’re all standing around chatting, and this completely random woman comes up and, after commenting on her baby’s size, starts gushing about Kay’s figure. It was 5 minutes straight of “you’re so thin and beautiful and the kids must really keep you busy and you must work so hard to stay slender”. On and on and on, so much so that I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I can only imagine how Kay was feeling. Finally Kay says, “you know what? It’s just good genes.” As the gusher’s sails visibly deflated, Kay went on. “Yeah, you know my mother is thin, my grandmother was thin and I guess I just lucked out.” Then she shrugged and the woman sort of awkwardly drifted away.

I am still a n00b when it comes to this whole Fat Acceptance thing, but when Kay said, “it’s just good genes”, something clicked. If the prevailing culture preferred a more rubenesque figure, I’d be the one having to tell this woman that “I just lucked out.”